Wild Gold Labadorite Skull Metatron’s Cube Necklace

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This gold labadorite sacred geometry pendant is WILD!!!
Featuring a bird skull with antlers, holding a labadorite cabechon crystal. These are attached to a Metatron’s Cube base.

Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometry symbol that represents the flow of energy through the universe as well as the balance of energy in the universe. Metatron’s Cube is commonly used as a meditation aid.
Labadorite is a crystal that represents inner reflection and inner vision. Deep inside the crystal are hues of green and blue that flash with different angles of light, in many cultures around the world this has been seen to represent the practice of looking within ourselves.

We collected this piece in India, it is made with high quality jewelry brass and genuine labadorite crystal.

This is the perfect necklace for anyone following a spiritual path, anyone who is looking within and channeling energy. The ultimate meditation aid!

Comes with your choice of chain or cord


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