Labrodorite Jewelry

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25 products

Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite is said to be the stone of transformation! You can almost see the magic in this crystal dance as an interference of light make the stone sparkle! The labradorite crystal teaches us to shine brightly for a to see! You are a star! You are love! Use the power of the labradorite as a healthy reminder of these affirmations!

The Power of Labradorite

Sometimes we dwell in the dark corners of our mind. Let the labradorite shine into those dark caves and corners, and use it to reflect your own inner light you may have let grow a bit dim. Shine the rainbow hues of this beauty towards the knowledge and wisdom within you! This stone can be great company to anyone who is in school or studying, as it amplifies your intelligence and gives you the ability to see the bigger picture. Peer into the pure beauty of the light while imagining and visualizing the answers you may be searching for. The answers are inside of uz, use the labradorite to find your answers!

Using labradorite spiritually would include using this stone to expand awareness of the heart and mind, psychic development, meditation and even lucid dreaming. This crystal almost acts as if it is a mirror, helping you to look within yourself and see througg the various layers of your depth. Labradorite can help guide you to yourself and working through your emotions. We grow through phases and cycles. Every now and then, we must take a step back to look at our lives and reflect. To use what you have learned about yourself to reinvent yourself and be the best version of you that you can be is a challenge you must be willing to complete in order to grow. Wearing some of our labradorite jewelry such as our labradorite earrings or labradorite pendants can help enhance your reinvention.
Reflecting the light and creating an iridescent rainbow inside, the divinity of this stone guides you to your own truth. Shed light on the tools you have available to you and focus on your intentions. Understanding yourself will help you to relate to others in your life. Not only is this stone valuable to enhance yourself spitually, but there are many physical benefits to this stone as well. Labradorite is connected to the eyes and the brain. If you deal with health issues that deal with your nerves, brain, bones, or optical, this stone could greatly benefit you! The labradorite helps assist us by rebalancing and redistributing the chemicals in our brains. Wearing our labradorite gemstone jewerly will aid you in grounding yourself and amplifying your intuition. Take your labradorite necklace, labradorite bangle, labradorite arm cuff or labradorite ring with you on your journey!

Healing Labradorite Jewelry

Whether you are traveling physically, or perhaps astral travel, let the labradorite accompany you! Wearing a labradorite pendant can help you to center yourself and have more of a constant awareness of self and the layers of reality. Wearing labradorite rings can give you sudden urges or desires. When wearing a ring, trust your intuition when you feel these nudges, and maybe take a step back to look at the bigger picture. Make sure to tune in when wearing labradorite earrings may help you to "hear" the messages life sends you more clearly! Shine on in our lovely labradorite jewelry available on our shop!