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Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry

Finding the best jewelry to compliment your business

Jewelry is a great product to go along with so many different products and services. Jewelry compliments other products at gift shops, goes well with other styling businesses like hair salons, and can find it's niche in tattoo parlors. But what kind of jewelry should your business invest in? And where do you find this jewelry? 



What kind of jewelry should I invest in?


Ethical, Artisan jewelry

It is always best to do right in the world. Your business is an extension of yourself. Your business serves your community, and your community supports your business. This is not just true of your local community, but also the community of the world. We should always strive to support those in need and to make business choices that are based in good principles and ethics. 

Unique jewelry 

It is important to provide products that will not be found in the business across the street. Your business is successful because it is unique and provides products, services and/or experiences that other businesses like yours doesn't provide. So it is important that this also is true with the jewelry that you represent at your business. Your customer's haven't seen it anywhere else, they'll keep coming back to see what other new stuff you have! I would.

Affordable Jewelry

Yes, it's beautiful. It's unique. It's ethical. But it also has to be affordable. Let's be honest, not everyone wants to drop hundreds of dollars on a pair of earrings. Not every business is the same, but most businesses want to have some products that are within the budget of most people. By providing affordable jewelry you are able to reach a larger audience that will also be interested in your other products or services. 


Where to find Wholesale Jewelry

There are many places to find wholesale jewelry, but a lot of them carry many risks.

You can try ordering wholesale jewelry online on platforms like alibaba, but is it ethical and unique? No.

You can try traveling and sourcing jewelry, but this involves high cost and it may be difficult to find what you are looking for. Would it be affordable? Nope. 

It may be easy to find jewelry that is ethical, unique OR affordable. But is is difficult to find wholesale jewelry that is ethical, unique AND affordable.


Culture-Cross Wholesale Jewelry

Ethical, Unique and Affordable Wholesale Jewelry

Here at Culture-Cross we offer our jewelry for retail and wholesale. We travel directly to artisan communities to buy directly from them, ensuring that the jewelry is ethical. We strive to provide unique and interesting pieces that our customers have never seen before. And we always keep our jewelry lines affordable to both retail customers and wholesale customers. 

And if you are not satisfied with the jewelry, then you can just send it back to us. No problem. 

Culture-Cross has been providing other businesses with wholesale jewelry for over 10 years. We have supplied large businesses like fashion designers in L.A. and New York, as well as small businesses from New Orleans to Australia. Our ethical, unique and affordable jewelry has been featured in neighborhood nail salons, high end spas and wellness centers, boutique hotels, souvenir shops and multi-store retail franchises. 

So go ahead and reach out to us! We are here to answer all of your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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