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Unique Gifts for Men

Gift Ideas for men

Unique Jewelry for Men and More!

Are you looking for a unique gift for a special someone? At Culture Cross, we offer a variety of beautiful, meaningful gifts, that are both beautiful and functional. From an array of stunning jewelry pieces to one-of-a-kind home décor, we have something for everyone. When purchasing a gift for someone you care for, going the extra mile to find a meaningful piece for them really shows that you put time and effort into finding something that is really special. Shop with loving intention and support small businesses in the process makes for unique shopping experience that you can feel proud of, giving someone a gift they can love and appreciate for years to come.
At Culture Cross, we are proud to have a well thought out and hand picked collection from some of the most beautiful countries, tribes, and cultures around the world. Our pieces are made by international designers and indigenous tribal communities. We are so honored to work with and in support these talented people and to learn more about their ways of life as well as their incredible stories.

Unique Gift Ideas

Hmong Miao Hill Tribe Collection

We have been working directly with the members of the Hmong Tribe throughout Southeast Asia for many years and we're still left amazed by the detail and intricate designs that they create. For those who love shades of silver and tribal style designs, these hand hammered pieces truly stand out above the rest. Anyone who has heard of the Miao people has such deep respect and appreciation for their culture, jewelry, and their incredible craftsmanship. These pieces tell stories of this beautiful culture and helps us learn more about their history, while directly supporting their villages. Explore our Miao Hill Tribe collection for the perfect silver accessory! This jewelry gives us great insight into their heritage and what has helped inspire their culture. We've even had the opportunity to collaborate on designs with them to create our beloved and exclusive Hmong Feather Ear Cuff. This outstanding piece is very special to us and has become a Culture Cross Jewelry staple! Check out our blog on the Miao Hill Tribe to learn more.

Turquoise Jewelry Lovers

Perhaps one of the oldest stones in history, Turquoise was used as a talisman for kings, native warriors, and shamans for many centuries. Natives know this stunning crystal as the "stone of the sky" as if it fell straight out of the heavens. Our Turquoise collection was found while traveling through the Nepali Himalayas. For centuries, Turquoise has been such a dreamy, eye catching stone that is loved by many different cultures. We offer a variety of earrings, bracelets, and pendants. This romantic, purifying, and absolutely dreamy stone carries deep meaning in it's beautiful hues of greens and blues, and is sure to make a wonderful gift for someone you love. Make someone feel special today by picking a unique Turquoise piece as the most perfect present!

Sacred Geometry

As the stunning symbols of Sacred Geometry seem to be growing in popularity in the modern world, we find that these wonderful patterns continue to bring us closer to our true nature as they have since the beginning of time. The discovery of these magical symbols aid us on the journey of learning more about ourselves and the beautiful interconnected world that surround us and that we are one with. We offer a variety of Sacred Geometry patterns that you can select from, featuring many different both magnificently meaningful and visually appealing designs. Find somebody's favorite pattern or check out Sacred Geometry blog to read more about the different types of Sacred Symbols. Find what may resonate or remind you of a significantly special someone!

Animal Totems

From tender loving Elephants to fiercely wild Lions, we have such a fun assortment of different animals to wear around your neck and carry with you throughout your day! Animals play such an important role in the natural world showing so much incredibly diversity and different types of personalities, you are sure to find an animal that feels ferociously fitting for someone you know. We have many animals pendants available, as well as some unique animal bracelets for Men and Women to explore. From India to Nepal, we have chosen some of the most loved animals around the world to offer in our shop. Some customer favorites include our Abalone Elephant Necklace, Men's Dragon Bracelet, and our Maio Snake Bracelet just to name a few.

Stainless Steel Jewelry for Men

Our Stainless Steel pendants are made high quality and sturdy material that will never rust or tarnish, specially designed to last a lifetime. The Stainless Steel option is ideal because of it's resistance to the effects, or heat as well as corrosion. Stainless steel is such a sturdy and strong material that will ensure your jewelry stays nice, you may never want to take it off! Take a look at some of the pendants we now offer on our website. Some of our newer designs including our Eye Of Horus, Nordic Bird, Celtic Wolf, Mudra Buddha, and Shiva. These pendants come equipped with a chain or leather strap and could make an awesome gift for your favorite male mate!

Home Décor

We have been making big changes to our online web store and have been listing some incredible, one of kind and hand-carved colorful masks, brass statues, temple incense burners, and more. These hand painted masks will look perfect displayed on any wall of your choosing, and our Nepali temple locks are out of this world! Notable pieces are our Tibetan Conch Shell and our Ancient Warrior Helmet for those who love collecting intriguing and unusual cultural items that are rich with history and meaning! Some of our favorite statues include our Golden Phoenix, Brass Jaguar, Chinese Dragon, and the Bixi Turtouse Statue!

Holiday Shopping for Men

We strive to keep our jewelry both affordable and of high quality. Let us assist you in finding the perfect gifts for the holidays. Many of our pieces are shipped in reusable gift bags that are size to stuff a stocking for gifts at Christmas time or for any holiday that you celebrate! Many of our unique items at Culture Cross Jewelry make wonderful gifts for but are not limited to birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and beyond! Buying gifts for people we care for is a beautiful love language and we LOVE to contribute in making people feel special and beautiful. Remember that it doesn't have to be a holiday to show someone that you care. It is our honor to provide a unique shopping experience for you. Thank you so much for supporting our small business!