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Artisan handmade bohemian style jewelry

We travel the world to find unique and interesting handcrafted jewelry with quality gemstones like moonstone, labradorite, amethyst, black onyx, turquoise and more. By traveling directly to these countries we are able to ensure that our jewelry is ethical and fairly traded.

Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Our sacred geometry jewelry features designs that are found throughout nature and in cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. Popular sacred geometry designs include the flower of life, seed of life, Sri Yantra, the Fibonacci sequence, mandalas, and more. 


Bohemian Jewelry

Many of our styles of jewelry are often called "bohemian" or "boho". This generally means that they stand out from mainstream conventional fashion trends. Our jewelry is for those who have their own unique sense of style and individuality. Our Jewelry tends to be cherished by those who are free-spirited in their way of life, fashion sense, and sense of self. Our designs typically feature feathers, elephants, hamsa, sacred geometry and more, which are popular designs in Bohemian jewelry.


Gemstone Jewelry

Many of our jewelry pieces feature gemstones such as moonstone, labradorite, turquoise, amethyst, black onyx, quarts and others. Our genuine gemstones each have a rich history of healing practices around the world, but are most often cherished for their beauty. 


Tibetan Jewelry and Hmong Jewelry

We travel directly to artisan communities around the world to source our handmade jewelry. Some of our most popular jewelry is Tibetan jewelry from the Tibetan communities in Nepal and Hmong jewelry from the Hmong people in Southeast Asia. Tibetan jewelry is known for it's use of turquoise, lapis lazuli, coral and other traditional Tibetan gemstones. Hmong jewelry is known for its rustic patina silver and unique traditional designs.


Men's Jewelry

Our collection of men's jewelry has received a lot of attention! Men's jewelry can be harder to come by. Most jewelry is designed for women and so it can be more difficult to find nice jewelry for men. Our men's jewelry collection mostly features brass bracelets, dragon jewelry, and rustic silver jewelry. But the most popular jewelry for men is definitely our men's bracelets. 


Traditional Jewelry themes and styles

Our jewelry collections feature many consistent themes such as elephant jewelry, mandalas, sacred geometry jewelry, dragon jewelry, hamsa jewelry, lily jewelry and more. These themes are based on traditional designs and have been very popular,and with good reason! These themes are universal and timeless.


Statement Jewelry

Some of our jewelry is often referred to as "statement jewelry". What this means is that these jewelry pieces are big and loud, they make a statement. They cannot go unnoticed. Most of our testament jewelry are statement earrings, especially sacred geometry earrings. But also a lot of our rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and ear cuffs are also statement jewelry.


Shop with Culture Cross

By shopping with us you also support many different communities around the world. Not just the artisan communities that make the jewelry, but also the school in Cambodia that we support. We have been helping the Phare school in Cambodia rebuild their music building in Battambang, Cambodia, so by purchasing jewelry from Culture Cross you are also helping the students in Cambodia get a good education in their traditional arts. 

If you have any questions at all about our jewelry, home decor, or anything else, then feel free to contact us any time!