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Expression through Clothing and Jewelry

It is said that history repeats itself and that statement is highly true for fashion. Dating to the beginning of human-kind, jewelry and clothing has been prevalent. Starting from wooden beads, shell or bones, we have somehow found a way to adorn ourselves in jewelry and clothing from the start. It is a form of self-expression. Fast forward to modern day- we now have the freedom to fully express ourselves in whichever we choose. From chill, lounge wear to earthy garments and to the nine's nights, your choice of expression is simply a mood expressed in clothing and gem form.
Personally, ancient Egypt is my favorite era to admire. From the sacred gems, to the symbols and the way they would self-express within their culture. Something about the sacred gold jewelry against the dark, Egyptian skin in the warm desert brings an inspiration that serves even to the modern-day life and styles of jewelry. The Egyptians would adorn themselves in gold, and use the stones such as Lapiz Lazuli and Turquoise throughout many of their pieces.
Another culture that brings beauty and inspiration is India. The multitude of colors, textures, features and statement pieces brings joy through self-expression to its own level. From cloth that is draped in a various of ways around the body and jewelry pieces that take many hands to make because of their intricacy and dynamic, this culture has a profound way of utilizing materials to create its own flavor in fashion. The Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu culture would also be shown wearing beautiful gems, clothing, head pieces, and flowers to depict their divinity.
The importance of self-expression is that it creates space for people to distinguish their own unique energy and blueprint for oneself. It lets those reflect their own beliefs, needs, and helps expand their own self-perception and identity. If you fully let yourself express in however way you wish, especially through clothing and jewelry, you open a door for endless possibilities and creativity to manifest. Beyond that, cultivating your unique self-expression brings more meaning to life and reflects to other areas of your life, including more confidence in the freedom of your voice as well as expressing your thoughts and feelings. Psychology says, self-expression affects people in uplifting ways.
Your body is the canvas
Clothing and jewelry are the paint
Let the garments and gems you wear tell a story
The story that needs no words
Only is seen and felt
Leaving the audience in awe
Including yourself
Look in your closet to see what you can find
When you view life through a playful lens
Life becomes more fun, which is beyond the mind
It can be a colorful experience
or maybe a moody beige day
Whatever you choose
Remember to be yourself
immersion in the textures
Now let yourself be the painter
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