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Sacred geometry in Nature

Sacred geometry in Nature

widely know throughout many cultures, ancient lands, and now on the rise once again in the modern day. The new wave of festival culture, exploration of the free-spirited lifestyle and elevation of consciousness has made sacred geometry extremely prevalent and a great tool for understanding to natural flow of life, within ourselves and the outside world.

Sacred Geometry in all Life

All of life is composed of geometrical patterns and mathematical sequences. The flip side of these structural mathematical patters is the feminine and spiritual side which consists of sacred "codes". Energetic "codes" are comparable to DNA, but cosmic. They hold potant information bringing these structures together and forming what you know as sacred geometry, or life.
Sacred geometry is the masculine and the feminine, the inner world and the outer world, the seen and the unseen. It is the bridge of consciousness and physical reality.
You can directly find sacred geometry in nature, music, art, architecture and many other places. There are also many educational forums and literature to be read to develop an idea of sacred geometry. Although, to really understand and embody its depths one must draw out these symbols. All you need is a compass, pencil, and paper to get you started on your journey. Alongside your materials you should have a guide (found on YouTube, or in a book) walking you through the proper way to draw these perfect sequences.

Sacred Geometry Symbols

There are four common sacred geometry symbols: the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life, the Sri Yantra, and the Metatron's Cube.

The Seed representing the beginning,

The Flower is the connectedness of everything

The Sri Yantra being the visual representation of OM
and the Metatron's Cube regulating the flow and protection of energy.
Some ways you can connect with these symbols to cultivate their energy and tap into their wisdom would be:
- Draw each symbol
- Mediate with a visual of the symbol(s)
- Create a crystal grid on the symbol of your choice
- Watch videos, read books, feed your mind!
- Apply the knowledge you gain from educating yourself to real life scenarios
- Be the observer. Watch how life naturally flows around you in its divine order.
Remember: we are all made up of the same"stuff". We are stardust experiencing itself in human form. Sacred geometry acts as the blueprint in which we can navigate our existence and understand the great depths of our being. It helps deepen our connection to ourselves and to others by a deeper understanding, truth and awareness that was never taught to us growing up. That truth is, we are energetically connected to everything in the universe through an unseen fabric. We are the creators of our own reality.
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