Cosmic Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace

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Awesome Shri Yantra pendant to aid in meditaition, yoga or just look great. Comes with a free chain (16-18" or 30") or vegan leather cord (black or brown).
We collected this piece while traveling through the desert villages of Northwest India (Rajastahan). Made by hand by talented Indian artists using traditional jewelry tecniques.

The Shri Yantra is one of the most sacred ancient symbols of India. It represents the divine manifestation of the forces of the universe. The upward triangles represent the divine masculine energy, while the downward triangles represent the divine feminine energy. They all radiate out of the central point, which represent the one force of energy which manifests into all consciousness and reality. According to ancient Hindu texts, meditation with the Shri Yantra is believed to help in connecting with this central force of the universe and attain enlightnement.

This pendant was hand crafted with brass and then plated three times with silver. It measures about 2 inches wide.

A fantastic necklace

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