Silver Flower of Life Pendant

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We found this beautiful sacred geometry pendant while traveling in Northwest India. We add a free chain or leather cord to make it a complete necklace.

The flower of life is a universal symbol which can be found in places of worship across the world and throughout time. The oldest have been found in Ancient Egypt at the Temple of Osiris. But they are also found in Japan, China, India and across the Middle East and Europe. The symbols is believed by all of these cultures to represent the emergence of life from the "Great Void". Inside the Flower of Life can be found the Seed of Life, the repition of which creates this symbol.
People across the ancient and modern worlds have used this symbol with prayer and meditation to better connect with themselves and with all life. All of us can discover ourselves within this sacred geometric network that is the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life is surrounded by a lotus flower, a sacred flower throughout Asia. In Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower represents purity and spiritual awakening because it grows from dirty water but emerges as a clean, bright, beautiful flower

Hand crafted in Northwest India using traditional jewelry tecniques. Made with brass with three layers of silver plating. Measures about an inch and a half wide.

Comes with your choice of chain or cord

Absolutely awesome.

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