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97 products

Men's Jewelry

Jewelry for Men


Of all the jewelry that we sell,my favorite is definitely the jewelry for men but maybe that's because I'm a guy! But really, if your are looking for gifts for men then pay attention, because here's the deal: there are so many options when it comes to jewelry for men! Men's bracelets, men's necklaces, men's rings, there is so much to choose from.I have found that most guys look jewelry that is more rustic and big. Smaller jewelry with little gemstones, that's great jewelry for women and for some guys. But our most popular jewelry for men tends to be a certain style of patina big rustic jewelry.



Themes in men's jewelry

There are some common themes that I notice with men's jewelry. Here are the most common:

Dragon jewelry 

What is it about dragons? Our dragon jewelry tends to be the most popular with men. For example, our dragon bracelets are by far our most common men's jewelry item. Are you looking for a gift for a guy? Then I would totally recommend this men's dragon bracelet. Dragon represent power and strength,so I think many guys definitely resonate with some strong dragon energy!


Skull Jewelry

Our skull jewelry has been so popular with everyone, but guys especially seem to really like it. What is it about skull jewelry? I'm not sure exactly. Maybe it is just straight up bad ass, that is all. Our bird skull jewelry has especially been very popular with men. Check out the bird skull bracelet and the bird skull pendant, these have been some of our most popular designs.


Turquoise Jewelry

Who doesn't love turquoise jewelry? umm... no one. Women love turquoise and so do men. Our turqouse pendants and turquoise rings have always been really popular with men, but our most popular turquoise jewelry for men is our Tibetan turquoise jewelry. We work directly with Tibetan craftspeople in Nepal to source these unique rustic Tibetan turquoise jewelry, and men love them.


Stainless Steel Jewelry

Our stainless steel jewelry never tarnishes or turns, so it has always been a great choice for men and for women. Many of our stainless steel styles feature designs and themes that have been really popular with men.



Other gifts for men

Besides jewelry for men, our home hardware accessories from our home decor section have been really popular with men. We source these directly from Nepal,and the antique and rustic vibes go great with so many home projects. (I gave my dad one for Christmas and he took it into the office to show all of his work buddies). Besides the hardware accessories, the other home decor items like statues, wooden carved masks have been really popular with the guys



Culture Cross gifts for men

There are so many styles to choose from! If you have any questions at all then feel free to contact us any time. Proceeds from your purchase go to help rebuild the music building at the Phare school in Battambang Cambodia. So by purchasing jewelry for men or anything else from our shop you are not only supporting the artisans and craftspeople that we work with but also the school that we support in Cambodia. Thank you so much for your support!