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All About Silver Lotus Jewelry

The Meaning of the Lotus

The Lotus flower has held spiritual meaning to religions around the world for thousands of years. The lotus has been embraced as it's beauty inspired the spiritual awakening of those who encountered the wild flower. The lotus grows in dirty muddy water, it's found in areas where the conditions do not satisfy most plants. Yet this muddy water produces ample nutrients that are enjoyed by the lotus flower. The more dirty the water is the brighter, bigger and more beautiful the lotus flower. You can imagine how it must feel to be walking through a muddy rainforest in India and come across a pool of dark dirty water, and among all of the brown water and debris is the most beautiful flower that you have ever seen, an object of absolute purity. This is similar to spiritual growth. It is the hard times, the difficult times that leads to the most growth and awareness. Just as you were thinking there were no possibilities of growth, then there is the lotus, the beautiful flower growing from the debris.The lotus is the absolute symbol of pure transformation.

Lotus in Spirituality

The lotus flower was embraced by ancient Hindu culture has a symbol of transformation, purity and enlightenment. It is common to see images of Hindu gods and goddesses such as Ram, Sita, Parvati and Ganesha sitting on a lotus flower. But Buddhism really continued this reverence for the Lotus in how it relates to our own consciousness. In Buddhism the concept of the Lotus flower rising from chaotic and muddy debris shows how our own mind can rise from chaos into pure transformational bliss and purity through the right intent and action. Buddhism shows us how the lotus represents our own minds. Many elements of Buddhist culture embrace the lotus. Buddhist mantras, songs, paintings and sculptures commonly showcase the beautiful lotus flower. And the cultures that have been influenced and inspired by Buddhism also embrace the image of the lotus, it is common to see businesses across Asia using the lotus in their name and logo. It is also common to see Buddhist and Hindu influences in the West embrace the lotus flower, such as yoga studios.


Lotus Jewelry

As the lotus flower continues to be one of the most cherished spiritual symbols around the world people continue to adorn themselves with the image of the lotus. Perhaps one of the best ways to carry a lotus with you is with jewelry. As your environment and your life occasionally become chaotic and confusing, know that with you is the image of purity and transformational consciousness blooming. And never forget that we ourselves are manifestations of nature, and that the lotus of life is always within you. 


Culture-Cross Silver Lotus Jewelry

We work with artists across India and Nepal for our jewelry inspired by ancient Hindu and Buddhist culture. Our lotus jewelry is some of my personal favorite pieces. Reflective of the cultures from which they originate, our silver lotus necklaces, silver lotus rings, silver lotus bracelets and silver lotus pendants share with you their ancient spiritual symbolism of pure transformation. 

Take a look at this Silver Lotus Necklace and these Silver Lotus Earrings, they are some of my favorite Silver Lotus Jewelry pieces and they will be yours too.