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Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry

Sourcing Ethical Jewelry in India

We have traveled to India many times, but we made a specific trip to find jewelry in India. It takes times to not only source quality jewelry, but also to make sure that the jewelry is ethical and fair trade. We came to find jewelry to represent, but the jewelry that we found in India has really changed the course of our business. We became inspired by the moonstone jewelry and the turquoise jewelry we found in Rajasthan. We were amazed by the Sacred Geometry Jewelry the elephant jewelry the labradorite jewelry, and especially the Indian ear cuffs. We also found a lot of great jewelry for men! Most of the jewelry that we found in India was brass jewelry, although we also found some sterling silver jewelry to represent. Over time we have forged lasting friendships with the artisans in India that make our jewelry and have kept in touch with them. We are proud to represent their hard work and share it with the world.

Diverse Cultural Heritage of India


The Diverse Cultural Heritage of India

India is a vast and ancient civilization. At times, the Indian civilization spread from modern day Iran and Afghanistan to modern day Burma, encompassing what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh. But it is hard to define Indian Civilization as one, in reality the civilization of India was and is made of up of many influences from many societies, including the many native indigenous tribal groups of India and waves of newcomers including the Aryan people of Northern Pakistan and Persia, the Islamic Mughal people of Persia. And of course, many global powers had their influence, such as the British. All of this contributed to a diverse tapestries of cultural tradition in India, which has led to a kaleidoscope of colors and designs woven together with an ancient tradition of quality jewelry craftsmanship. 


Traditional Jewelry In India

While interesting jewelry can be found being worn in every part of India, in my experience the most interesting jewelry can be found in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is where Indian culture truly comes alive. Traditional clothing and jewelry truly come alive in this Northern Indian state. It could be that is because Rajasthan was the crossroads of many cultures, being the gateway to the Middle East and a stopover on many ancient trade routes. Or maybe it is because Rajasthan (which means "the land of the kings") had a certain degree of autonomy in the British Raj (British rule) of India, as the many powerful Rajas (kings) kept some power and influence in the state. However it happened, Rajasthan is where you will find the most traditional stacking of golden bangles, the large nose hoop rings attaching to earrings. Rajasthan is where the best examples of traditional gemstone inlayed bracelets can be found, along with gold necklaces bedazzled in ruby and sapphire. Rajasthan is where we have found our favorite jewelry in India, but jewelry is a part of the cultural traditions everywhere in India. I was also amazed by the jewelry that I saw in Karnataka and in the Northern Himalayan regions such as around Darjeeling. Wherever you go in India you will see art and culture unlike anywhere else in the world

Traditional Jewelry in India

Culture Cross Jewelry from India

We're proud of the Indian jewelry that we represent, and we are so grateful for the hard working artisans that we work with. Take a look at all of our Indian jewelry and explore the jewelry of India with us!