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how to wear men’s jewelry

How to Wear Men’s Jewelry

Are you interested in amping up your everyday style? Look no further! Here at Culture Cross, we believe we have something to offer for everybody! When we are traveling to different music festivals and craft shows across the United States, we are often asked if we have any men’s jewelry. On top of being asked if we have men’s jewelry, we are commonly asked how to wear men’s jewelry. The truth is, there is no wrong or right way to wear jewelry. In fact, every man is different and has different style, so of course there are many options on what it is he may want to wear.

Best Jewelry Styles for Men

Some men prefer capturing the attention of others with big chunky turquoise rings and Brass skull pendants. We offer a variety of different style big chunky rings, with different animals and symbols. These chunky rings are available in both silver over brass, or brass. This style ring is more hardcore, and is often seen worn by motorcyclist and such. Here at Culture Cross, we have stainless steel pendants, rings and bracelets for men. Our most popular men's bracelets include the double bird skull bracelet and lion bracelet. Not only do we have more masculine style items, but a lot of our items are purchased from all sexes and aren’t as gender specific. Many men are interested in something they are able to wear everyday, and even in the shower. I always recommend our stainless steel collection to these customers. Stainless steel is a tough metal, and it will never fade or rust, even when worn in the water. We offer stainless steel ring bands, some more simplistic, and some with designs. Not only are stainless steel rings suitable for those who don’t want to change their jewelry out often, but these rings make for great wedding bands, or everyday rings. Check out our options in stainless rings, as well as our stainless steel pendants and bracelets.
Dressing up, or even when dressing down, can be done simply by adding a few accessories. Aside from your everyday watch and wedding band, kick up your style a notch by adding a leather bracelet of leather cuff. Leather bracelets and leather cuffs are simple ways to show your personality. These options also make it easy for you if you don’t always wish to change your jewelry out depending on your outfit. You can wear a simple leather band when in a tux or in casual wear. 
Aside from men’s everyday jewelry, feel free to be bold and make a statement! Maybe you will find one of our items such as a skull pendant, lion pendant, Celtic Knot Necklace, wolf necklace, or more, that will become a part of your style! Browse our necklaces and see what speaks to you! Adding necklaces into your wardrobe can help show a part of you better than any piece of clothing may. Often, when following the fashion sense of wearing men’s jewelry, it is said to not mix metals. Perhaps you have a silver necklace, a silver ring, but a gold bracelet. This may look tacky to some, as most prefer to either wear all silver, all brass, all copper, etc. We offer stainless steel rings, and bracelets, that offer a variety of metal looks, making it easier to collaborate your favorite jewelry together, even if they are not the same metals! 
Feel free to browse our items online to view some of our most popular men’s wares. We are proud to provide men, women, non-binary, and genderfluid items in our shop! We believe we have something special to offer in our shop for each special soul out there!