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All About Men's Jewelry

All About Men's Jewelry

Adding some accessories into your wardrobe can truly amp up and compliment any outfit! Many of us love to accessorize and see it as another fun way to express ourselves and our jewelry choices may even carry deeper meanings. Wearing jewelry is in no way limited to just women and looks great on all types of different people, including men. At Culture Cross, we love to celebrate uniqueness and diversity and understand the importance of expressing ourselves freely, no matter what type of style you may like. In recent times, men are increasingly choosing to wear jewelry that boosts and compliments their style and completes their look. In the past, jewelry was thought of and has been known to cater to primarily women or that only women should wear jewelry. In more recent times, it's begun to really cater more to all sexes and men are remembered during the creative jewelry making process, making designs to be more masculine to the eye.

Jewelry for Men's Fashion

When it come to Men's jewelry, there are really no rules. You can be as simplistic or as wild as you wish when it comes to choosing a piece that's right for you. Maybe you're looking for a comfortable ring you can wear every day, or an unique piece to wear to a festival! Some men favor a necklace with a pendant that symbolizes something of importance to them. Either way, we've got you covered. Just remember to wear your jewelry confidently and with pride!

Jewelry for Men

A well loved accessory that we have listed in our web store is our handcrafted Hmong style Dragon Bracelet. Our Men's Dragon Bracelet is comfortable, affordable, light weight, and looks amazing on guys! This bracelet is a bangle design that features two dragons symbolizing both strength and protection. This piece features amazing intricate detail and it's metal frame design is built to last. The dragon in a cherished symbol to the Miao Hmong hill tribe peoples of Southeast Asia, as they believed silver helped to keep evil spirits away from the mountains. Dragons are a representation of strength, wisdom, power, and hidden knowledge. 

Men's Bracelets

Men's bracelets are appropriate for any look no matter what you're wearing. Putting in a little bit of extra effort to accessorize while getting ready doesn't take much time and is key to creating a well put-together look! As a result, it can even help boost your confidence and make you feel good. It's fun to wear unique things that we like to show off our own personal style and can help inspire some great conversations to top it off! Check out our collection of jewelry and see what may out call to you!
We offer many different styles of rings for men, anything from simple stainless steel bands to more chunky and eccentric styles of rings. All of the rings we carry are unisex and will make you look stylish! Certain ring styles are inlaid with gemstones and many styles are made adjustable so you can wear them on any finger. Some men really love our Tribal Wing Ear Cuff, a one-of-a-kind statement piece made by the Hmong Hill Tribe artisans. Jewelry tells a story and we get to decide what kind of story that we want to tell the world!

Our most popular Men's Jewelry items

Some other popular bracelet designs include our Double Bird Skull Bracelet, Snake Bangle, Thin Hmong Miao Feather Bracelet, and Feather Arm Bracelet,  Our favorite pendant designs are Sacred Geometry Gyroscope Spinner Necklace, Spinning Star Sacred Geometry Pendant, Rustic Bird Skull Pendant, Silver Skull Necklace, Mythical Horned Bird, Celtic Wolf Stainless Steel Pendant, Adjustable Lion Bracelet, Winged Evil Eye, Feather Evil Eye, Bhairava Shiva Stainless Steel Pendant, Buddha Stainless Steel, Albalone Ganesh Necklace, Celtic Tree Of Life Harmony Cage, and the Wild Gold Labrodorite Skull Metatron's Cube

Men's Jewelry in History

Historians believe that jewelry was first crafted 130,000 years ago by stringing together shells and animal teeth. In Croatia, the talons of an eagle were discovered that they believed belonged to a man and were ancient remnants of as bracelet or necklace. For thousands of years roman emperors, egyptian pharoahs, and medieval kings were known to adorn their bodies with jewelry of all kinds! Even pirates and men of war wore jewelry.
Spanning across years throughout Ancient Egypt, both men and women were known to pile on jewelry to attract the deities who they believed, controlled everything including their money, health, and their afterlife too. This was their way of getting the god's attention. Egyptians also thought that by wearing symbolic amulets around their neck, that they would be free from evil spirits and help to provide protection as well as spiritual guidance. They wore necklaces, bracelets, rings, head pieces and more. For the wealthy, their jewelry was often made out of precious gemstones.
When King Tutankhamun's tomb was excavated by Howard Carter in the 1920s, they discovered many different artifacts including beautiful ancient jewelry, made especially for the King out of precious gemstones and crystals. His death mask was made of solid gold, with obsidian pupils, lapis lazuli outlined eyes, and inlays of turquoise, amazonite, quarts, and carnelian. Another astounding pendant found depicted the Egyptian god Horus and was crafted out of lapis lazuli, turquoise, and carnelian. Turns out that some of King Tut’s jewelry even contains materials of deep space origins, born from a meteorite and formed into desert glass long ago. All of these artifacts are such incredible finds, since most all other tombs were sadly raided and looted of all treasures.
The accessory pieces that belonged to the Pharaoh King are truly a remarkable sight to witness and some of them can be found today, on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Egyptian jewelry was truly a work of art and an example of incredible craftsmanship and talent. Imagine the skill that goes into creating such intricate jewelry designs and detail. I think it's amazing to see how even in the more modern world, we are still heavily influenced by these stones and timeless artworks of the past. These elegant designs, shapes, and symbols still have an impact on us to this day. For centuries, jewelry has been an important component across so many different cultures all over the world, leaving us feeling inspired, visually pleased, and fueling our every day styles!

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