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All About Elephant Jewelry

All about Elephant Jewelry

The elephant is an iconic animal that we have all loved for thousands of years. They are one of the largest and strongest animals on our planet. With their long trunks, big floppy ears, and massive bodies, they are truly one of a kind animals! Elephants are extremely social creatures, creating strong family bonds and with other members of their herd. They embody companionship, loyalty, and show us the importance of unity. Elephants can remind us to be playful when we begin to take life too seriously!


Elephant Jewelry

Do you need some elephant energy in your life? Elephants are a wonderful totem for good luck, protection, and great wisdom. Wearing elephant jewelry is said to bring good fortune to the wearer and encourage peace within. We offer a wide variety of elephant inspired jewelry! From elephants rings and lucky elephant  pendants to beautiful, adjustable Indian elephant bracelets and elephant upper arm cuffs. We offer many unique elephant pendants to wear as a necklace, even smaller elephant charm designs with turquoise embellishments for those who favor simplicity. Elephant jewelry will add as a beautiful and classy addition to your collection, sure to compliment any outfit! Look upon your elephant in times when you may need a reminder of your inner strength. We offer small elephant statues that are carved from resin and hand painted, designed beautifully by our talented artists in Nepal. A very special piece that we carry is an elephant door knocker and elephant Door handle! Display the elephant on your front door to give your guests the warmest welcome into your heart and home. Any of our elephant products make for wonderful gifts and surprises. They are perfect for birthdays, Mothers Day, anniversaries, or just a thoughtful present for someone that you love and care for. All of our elephants are a great fit as stocking stuffers for the holidays! Elephants are known for their compassion. Elephants are as physically strong as they are resilient, but they also carry an innate tenderness and can be quite sensitive too. This can help us remember to honor both sides of ourselves. Elephants exhibit true self awareness. We should all be more like the elephant. Elephants in Spirituality All over the world.


Spiritual Symbolism of the Elephant

Elephants have symbolic meaning. They represent good luck, wisdom, success, power, peace, and even fertility. In Hinduism, the Elephant deity Ganesha is a symbol of good fortune and is known as being the remover of obstacles. This Elephant God of wealth and prosperity is often depicted as a man with the head of an elephant. Out of all the Hindu gods, Ganesha is one of the most honored and worshiped in the hearts of many. All throughout Southeast Asia, you can find statues devoted to him, where the devotees come to pray or leave offerings. Depictions of Ganesha can be found all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, in Thailand, and many different cultures and religions throughout the world. In spiritual traditions, Elephants are symbolic for compassion, confidence, and intelligence. Elephants in Feng Shui A popular symbol in the world of Fung Shui, Elephants can offer many different types of positive energies while keeping negative energies away, depending on the positions of their trunks and what kind of energy you are looking for. Place an elephant in your home, office, and any space of your choosing to invite warm, kind, resilient type of energy! The trunk of an Elephant carries a story of it’s own. Trunks up signify wealth. It’s believed the elephant will shower good fortune over all those who walk past. They also invite calmness and patience into your space. Trunks down signify knowledge and strength, helping you to push through various barriers and overcome difficult challenges in your life. Trunks down are also known to symbolize fertility. Intertwined trunks express a token of love, romance, and even friendship. Similar to that of a hug, Elephants intertwine their trunks when they meet to show acceptance and affection. The Elephant is associated with the Root, or Muladhara, chakra. The Root Chakra is the center for your memories and Elephants have a great memory capacity! The root chakra can help to ground you and add more stability to your life. Imagine you are an Elephant. You are strong, smart, and steady. This animal can help assist with Root Chakra blockages and help you realize your true nature and the strength that you hold! What’s not to love about these gentle giants?


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