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What is the Flower of Life?

What is the Flower of Life?

At first look the Flower Of Life may appear somewhat simple, but it holds great depth, detail, and intricacy in it's petals. The Flower Of Life symbol is one of the most fascinating, well known, and recognized geometric symbols within the magical world of Sacred Geometry. This special symbol represents the cycle of life. It's believed that within this symbol, holds the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe as a whole. It connects us to all living things through this beautiful, physical representation that we can see with the naked eye. There are many who believe, if we can begin to understand the Flower Of Life, that we can understand the complex inner and outer workings of the Universe. This ancient symbol demonstrates that all consciousness arises from one source (the first circle).
The 5 platonic solids are found within Flower Of Life, as well as many others including the Seed Of Life, Tree Of Life, and Metatron's Cube just to name a few. These shapes act as building blocks for all living things, starting with the very first circle. This incredible pattern is created by nineteen overlapping circles. The pattern formed by the circles creates an image of perfectly symmetrical flowers. There are many variations of the Flower Of Life, some having as little as only seven circles. Many believe that the Flower Of Life symbol represents the cycle of creation, from beginning to end. The word "Flower" is present in it's name not just because it looks like a flower, but because of the life cycle of a Fruit Tree. It is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful symbols that we know and have come to respect and admire. To this day, The Flower Of Life continues to fascinate us! 
With its roots in Mathematics, Sacred Geometry's Flower Of Life expands to quantum physics, and is applied in energy healing, meditation, and mysticism. It's also incorporated in many different arm forms all around the world. 

Flower of Life Jewelry

The best and easiest way to incorporate Flower Of Life jewelry in your life is to simply wear it! By wearing Flower Of Life jewelry, you invite yourself and everyone around you to feel more connected. It really makes for a great conversation piece, and can deliver to you in real time and space, the very connection that it represents. This way, you can take the sacred symbol of Flower Of Life with you everywhere, no matter where you go. Let it serve you as a wonderful reminder that you, me, and everything around us is connected in a very real and very magical way. When we apply this to our daily lives, amazing things begin to happen.
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By applying Sacred Geometry to your life in some form you can help promote healing within the body, mind, and spirit, inspiring a more happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle overall. The harmonic structure of the Flower Of Life symbol seems to pull on our heartstrings and attract us in such a mystical, magnificent way.

History Of Flower Of Life

The Flower Of Life can be found all across the world throughout different cultures. Sacred Geometry is an ancient language that extends to all cultures and species on our very planet and even beyond that.
Louvre Flower of Life Assyria
The oldest known example of the Flower Of Life symbol dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Wall reliefs in Temple of Osiris show carvings from at least 6,000 years ago - inscribed onto a structure called the Osirion in Abydos, Egypt. This was discovered in the 20th century while archeologists were working and began excavating the temple of Seti. The "Osorion" was totally buried underneath the sands of time. What a discovery! It is truly one of the most impressive Ancient symbols that mankind has ever seen.

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