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What is Sacred Geometry?

What is Sacred Geometry? 

Sacred Geometry attributes sacred symbols and meanings to specific geometric proportions and shapes. These beautiful geometric patterns have the ability to help you connect deeply to the universe. Sacred geometry mirrors the mathematical perfection that we can find everywhere in nature. Many sacred shapes are often found throughout the natural world and are all around us, every day. They can be seen in the nautilus, in flowers, fruit, animals, and beyond! These beautiful, curious patterns are woven beautifully into the very fabric of nature itself! Sacred Geometry refers to the incredible way that these repeating shapes and patterns are found, on a physical, mental, and even spiritual level. 


If you look to the honeybee, you'll see that they use Hexagonal shapes to construct their honeycombs. Beyond that, if you were to put a bee under a microscope, or see them through a micro camera lens, you'll notice these shapes are also found in their eyes. In modern science, they are realizing and confirming the importance and cosmic intelligence that lies within these sacred shapes. 


The five platonic solids can be found in the roots of Sacred Geometry. 
The four-sided Tetrahedron represents Fire.
The six-sided Hexahedron represents Earth.
The eight-sided Octohedron represents Air.
The twenty-sided Icosahedron represents Water.
The twelve-sided Dedecahedron represents Aether



Sacred Geometry Symbolism


Seed Of Life - The Seed Of Life is used for as a symbol of protection and blessings. It is said to represent the seven days of creation and can be found in many religions around the world. This symbol represents the cycles of life, and when adding circles to and expanding this design, the Flower Of Life is born.


Flower Of Life - It is believed that the Flower Of Life could be the blueprint of the whole universe. This beautiful symbol can help stimulate harmony, vitality, and order. All patterns can be found in this symbol, as it mirrors the patterns of cell division.


Metatron's Cube - Also known as "Merkaba" is the energy field that surrounds us. The word Merkaba translates to body, light, and spirit. It is also believed that the thirteen circles that make up the Metratron's Cube also represent the thirteen energy centers in the body of a human. The circles represent feminine energy and the lines represent masculine energy. When placed together in this symbol, these polarities become united. 


Sri Yantra - "Shree Yantra" translates to instrument for Wealth. One of the many interpretations is that the Sri Yantra symbolizes the soul's path to enlightenment. It is believed that this symbol can bring forth spiritual abundance into your life and assist you in overcoming obstacles that come your way. 


Tree Of Life - A symbol that has been around for ages. With deeply planted roots and branches that stretch toward the skies, the Tree Of Life is a well loved symbol. Have you noticed that trees with strong roots can overcome outrageous storms and numerous natural disasters? Perhaps, this is something we can apply to our own personal lives and help realize the strength we all carry inside of us. This symbol represents connection, family, rebirth, and of course growth. 


You have many options when it comes to wearing Sacred Geometry and inviting these images into your life.


Sacred Geometry Jewelry

By wearing Sacred Geometry, you can invite like-minded people into your life, and help to make beautiful connections with people who share the same interests, aspirations, and values as you. Those who resonate with the same symbols, may be drawn to you, in an effortless, seemingly magical way. Notice next time you wear your favorite Sacred Geometry necklace or Sacred Geometry earrings you may notice others give you a compliment about your piece, and or ask you questions about the symbol. By observing, studying, and wearing these patterns can reveal how we are connected at/to all levels of life. It's no wonder we are all so amazed by these shapes! They don't just make us feel connected, but reminded us that we ARE connected, and always will be. These aesthetically pleasing symbols aren't just great to look at but also create a real sense of harmony. No matter what you are seeking in life, Sacred Geometry can help us to find our center, reduce levels of stress, and even balance our chakras. Through these spiritual and energetic patterns, we can become more conscious and responsible beings in the world. 


Sacred Geometry is often used when designing religious monuments, structures, churches, temples, and mosques.

Gaining the knowledge of these symbols has helped support the construction plan and final product of the pyramids located in Egypt, as well as many spiritual and religious structures around the world. Ancient symbols have been used across a large variety of religions for thousands of years. 

Some incorporate Sacred Geometry into practices such as meditation, energy therapy, art, crystal grids, and more.

At one time, these shapes were thought to be so sacred that they were kept very secret. We live in such an incredible time, where many truths and amazing ancient knowledge is beginning to come to the surface. Maybe Sacred Geometry is something we can all incorporate in our lives, working with us to make ourselves better, and in turn the whole world! May we all strive to build a better society and learn to embrace the unity that is so present in our shared DNA.

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