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What is Bohemian Fashion?

What is Bohemian Fashion?


History of Bohemian Style

The word 'Bohemian' that many of us have come to love and resonate with, first came about in the 19th century, following the French Revolution. This term was born in France to describe those who chose to live a more non-conventional lifestyle. Bohemianism calls to those living a life that is dedicated to art, spirituality, music, literary pursuits, and more. At the time, many Bohemians lived in big European cities, while some chose to live off the grid. The word first came about in the English language as a way to describe artists, journalists, writers, and beyond! Bohemians are the bravest of souls. They are the adventurers, the wanderers, the travelers, and the vagabonds. They are the ones who will not accept the mundane and they truly add so much excitement and character to the world that we live in today. Bohemian is a true example of the free-spirited and free-loving people of modern times and in past times. Bohemian style is designed for the down to earth woman and the lighthearted man. 
In the days of the past, Bohemian has been referred to as a negative term by those in straight laced societies. Back then, it was not favorable to question social norms, but these were some of the same people who lived as activists and courageously stood up for equal rights. They were people who understood the importance of expressing oneself freely. The Bohemians refused to conform to conventional ways of living. We believe in the positivity of this word and it has gained much deserved respect over the years. To go against the grain and to live out loud is what we do best here at Culture-Cross and it is something we feel incredibly passionate about! Those who embody the Bohemian spirit strive for living life to the fullest, and to fully embrace the present moment.

Bohemian Jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is a style that has gained great popularity, especially within the festival community but beyond it as well. We have a beautiful collection of jewelry and treasures that are handmade and selected especially for our beloved customers. We seek to find the most unique, cultural pieces from all over the world. Bohemian jewelry may include different elements of nature, drawing inspiration from the universe and from many different cultures and tribes around the world. Boho fashion is an eclectic style like no other. We love incorporating symbols and precious gemstones into our Bohemian pieces. We have a special collection of Boho style earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, and home décor to choose from in our shop. We have extraordinary Bohemian decor pieces for those who love interior and exterior design. We are proud to work directly with incredible artisans in India, Nepal, and Thailand too. Bohemian fashion is a reflection of true individualism and promotes a peaceful attitude and state of mind. Bohemian-inspired accessories act as a reflection of our inner souls and are simply an extension of who we are at heart. Sit back, relax and take a look through our web store and the wide selection of Bohemian style jewelry that we carry! Imagine that you are taking a virtual vacation to other parts of the globe. 

Bohemian Statement Jewelry

Make a simple or a fiercely bold statement with our Boho Chic jewelry designs! It is a unique way to expand on your style in a classy and fashionable way! You deserve to feel great about yourself and we are here to help you with many different looks and affordable options to explore. Express your beautiful Gypsy spirit with these timeless treasures where you get to look and live as wild and free as you wish! We invite you will join us on this journey to live life fearlessly and to always DREAM BIG!