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The Bohemian Style

What is Bohemian Style?

The bohemian style has risen in the fashion world, as well as in our hearts. The word bohemian is defined as being "socially unconventional in an artistic way". The word bohemian and boho originated in France to describe those who lived like a gypsy. It is said that gypsies were thought to come from Czech Republic, which was formally known to be called Bohemia. Here at Culture Cross, you can catch us on the road traveling to music festivals and craft shows from the state of Florida to Washington, as well as a couple music festivals outside of America! We express ourselves through our boho wearable art and our boho decor, and so can you! Our nomadic lifestyle has always led us to appreciate this land, it's people and their crafts. From bohemian to bohemian, we come together to create beautiful bohemian jewelry for beautiful souls.

Modern Boho Chic

This modern new age boho chic style focuses on a hippie-like wares influencing flowy fashion adorned with colorful crystals and ethnic style jewelry. Bohemian fashion is an expression of art and yourself. Boho style include themes such as animals, Earth, and other connections with our universe. Channel your inner bohemian with our unique cultural treasures.

Hippie Fashion and Boho Fashion

Home of hippie fashion, we offer a diversity of beautiful boho jewelry from our travels! Our name Culture Cross represents crossing of different cultures and backgrounds. We work with artisans in India, Thailand, Nepal, Beijing and many more! We have spent many years living our own bohemian style life and traveling the globe! We have been fortunate enough to meet many amazing people and tribes along the way. We work with Tibetan refugees and the indigenous tribe of the Hmong Miao hill people. We have handmade artisan bohemian jewelry including bohemian earrings, bohemian rings, bohemian necklaces, bohemian arm cuffs, and bohemian ear cuffs just to name a few! 

Unique Boho Styles

You will find unique boho styles through out our website to dress up your personality. Not only does Culture Cross have a variety of bohemian jewelry, but our prices are low and fair. Check out our latest looks and trends in boho chic jewelry to vamp up your style at an affordable cost! 

Bohemian Home Decor

Make your living space into a bohemian dream! You can find bohemian decor such as our wall hangs, wall mounds, door handles, locks and other hardware in our home decor section. These special solid brass peices come from Nepal and can change the whole vibe of a living area. We offer a variety of affordable bohemian style art to transform you or a friends space. We have wooden, stone, resin and brass statues that we have collected over the years of our travels. Each of our items are a true treasure and all of them have their own story. Each of our items are art and they are special to us, as they will be special to you.