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Symbolism of Snake Jewelry

Symbolism of Snake Jewelry

What is the Symbolism of the Snake?

Dating back to the ancient world, the snake has lived on through history as a very important creature. Noted in the Bible, as well as in temples of pharaohs in Egypt, the snake is also a common symbol used in our society today. In the medicine world, two snakes coiled around a staff is used widely as a symbol in hospitals and doctors offices. 
Snakes can often be a common fear, but spiritually the snake comes to us to teach is many things! As its body has no legs, arms, hand or feet, the creature roams closest to the Earth than any other animal. Snakes do not have ears, and they see in heat. We can learn to use our senses and our surroundings to take in or let go of energy. The snake sheds its skin as it grows, reminding us to also let go of emotional (or maybe even physical) setbacks and to transform our energy into something positive and healing. Snake medicine is often called upon during surgeries and times of healing. 

Symbolism of Snake Jewelry

Wearing snake jewelry can help bring the wearer closer to their own transformation. It can be tough to learn to shed our skin, but snake jewelry reminds us that we can, and we must! The serpent jewelry teaches us purification. Wearing a snake ring or a snake cuff shows the snake is wrapped in a full circle. Like the saying "the circle of life", snakes show us endings and beginnings. In ancient Egypt, cobras were often worn and pictured in temples and tombs to represent royalty and the divine. Hone in on your own divinity with a pair of our cobra earrings, or out cobra arm cuffs!
This sacred reptile holds great history with versatile meanings. It is said that snake fashion jewelry can be worn for fertility. Fertility in your life can be interpreted as having children, or for birthing new ideas and new beginnings. This reptilian is associated with sexieness and sensuality. Wearing one of our snake pendant, snake ring or snake cuffs can embody the God or Goddess inside of you and help you to feel sexy!

Snake Jewelry from Culture-Cross

We travel throughout South East Asia working with artisans who hand make beautiful snake jewelry for us. We offer snake pendants, snake earrings, snake bangles, snake rings, snake door handles and more! Some of my personal favorite snake jewelry comes from the indigenous people of the Hmong tribe. Using a silver over brass, these tribal folk hand hammer beautiful snake jewelry. Our best seller is our adjustable snake cuff. You can see the beautiful detail work hammered into every inch of this piece as it elegantly wraps around either your wrist or arm! 
We have a great selection to offer of serpent rings, serpant pendants, serpent earrings and serpent cuffs. Aside from wearable snake jewelry, we also offer some really neat brass door handles and wall mounts. We have a cobra handle, as well as the Naga Kanya. As explained above, Indian culture depicted Naga to have snakes as tails, and also multiple cobra heads worn almost as a headress. We offer two sizes of the Naga handle, my favorite being the bigger one for the amount of precious detail she embodies!

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