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Statement Earrings

Bold Statement Earrings

Go big and be bold in our selection of our Culture Cross statement earrings!

In my opinion, earrings are the easiest way to provide a fashion statement. Become boho chic at an affordable price with our go-to styles of statement earrings such as our mandala earrings or sacred geometry earrings. Whether you are dressed up or dressed down, a solid pair of big earrings can change your whole vibe! You are guaranteed to bring home plenty of compliments when you dress in our latest fashion styles in our statement earrings. Bring some wild contrast into your daily life by letting your new focal point be a neutral yet bold look when sporting our earrings. In festival fashion, the bigger style earrings have been a huge hit! A lot of our customers have their ears gauged and are happy to find our shop offers something they can also wear with or without their gauges! Our brass earring selection has a simple design with a hook and latch to make sure the earring is safely fastened. We offer a collection of high quality nickel free brass and silver over brass earrings that will help you to stand out in any crowd. 

Statement Earring Accessories

When it comes to accessories and accessorizing, grab the attention of your friends, family and more by purchasing our trendy hoop statement earrings. Browse our shop to see the variety of different hoop earrings we offer! Whether you are looking for a more sleek and simple style hoop, or a more fun tribal style hoop earring, you found the right place! Some of these statement earring styles we have will quickly become your favorite everyday accessory! From hoop earrings, to flower designs earrings, or gemstone earrings, each pair are a true work of art! Start a new trend by simply dressing up your ears in unique handmade jewelry today and everyday. 

Statement Jewelry with Meaning

Not only do we offer an amazing selection of earrings that will make a statement, but this jewelry comes with a story and a cultural appreciation behind it. We work with artisans in India who make our selection of earringsstatement earrings and more! My partner and I take pride in designing some of the styles of earrings listed on our website. By collaborating with these artisans, we are able to share with you the hottest new trends in bohemian fashion. Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with Tibetan refugees who make some eye catching genuine turquoise, coral and lapis jewelry. Check out our Tibetan turquoise earrings to vamp up your style! Maybe your outfit of the day consist of all solids and you need a color pop, these styles are quality statement earrings to enhance your look. Perhaps, you are interested in a fun matchy-matchy outfit, chose one of our styles in our Tibetan earrings to bring your whole outfit together! Expressing yourself is a lot easier when you accessorize appropriately. We have got you covered when it comes to making a statement with many different designs and truly striking conversation pieces!