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Lily Symbolism in Jewelry

Symbolism of Lily Jewelry

The lily flower dates back as far as 1580 B.C. in Crete, imagery of lilies were found in a villa and since then has held great symbolism all around the world. The word lily comes from the Greek, where a mythical story of the goddess Hera is titled the creator of the lily. In attempts to feed her son, Hercules, droplets of her milk flew across the sky creating the milky way, while the ones that fell to the ground created the lily flower. The goddess Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and desire. It was said that she was envious of the beauty of the lilies, so she cursed them. Venus placed a large yellow pistol in the center of the flower to make them less attractive. Most often, Venus is associated with the calla lily.
There are many different colors of lilies, which in turn can symbolize many different things. Not only are there different colors and shades of these flowers, but there are different types as well! The calla lily symbolizes rebirth. These type of lilies bloom around the time of Easter, on the day when Christians believe that Jesus resurrected. Not only are the calla lilies a symbol of rebirth, but also resurrection. Faith and purity are also associated with the calla lilly and is often used in Christianity. Whenever These beautiful blooms are shaped like a trumpet and can be interpreted as a bold symbol for triumph. From weddings to funerals and everything in between, the gift of lilies represents purity, love, fertility, unity and transformation. 
In Chinese culture, the lily is said to bring a happy union for one hundred years when they are gifted or used in a wedding. 
Wearing a calla lily can help to remind us to overcome any challenge we are faced with. You can cut these flowers, and they will start regrouping in a vase. These wonderful flowers also are known to survive harsh climates such as frosts. They can also be a friendly reminder of innocence and liveliness throughout our lives. Sometimes when things get to be mundane, a simple reminder to encourage youthfulness. 
In our business, we enjoy crossing cultures and traveling to work with artisans world wide. In Southeast Asia, we work with the indigenous people of the Hmong Miao tribe who make breath-taking one of a kind paces. Each item they make for us is hand hammered with detail, love, and an almost antique vibe to them. These tribal people are well known for their silversmith skills. One of our best sellers in our Hmong collection is our lily bangle. This piece is made to be malleable to fit your wrist. Some people prefer to wear it on their upper arm as an arm cuff! Check out our lily bangle, as well as our lily earrings and bring home a matching set! These dangle silver calla lily earrings and adjustable silver calla lily bangle bracelet from the hill tribe make a great addition to any artisan bohemian style collection. These items are made from silver and brass mixed metals.