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Elven Jewelry

All About Elven Jewelry

As elves are inspired by nature, and so are their jewels. Moonstones, rubies, silver and gold are all elements of the earth, and being embellished with the earth means carrying a piece of it with you. Symbols of feathers and suns, birds and flowers all play a significant role for mythological creatures such as the elves, so they are adorned with them to symbolize their connection with the earth. Each piece that we choose to wear represents our deep and spiritual connection to one of these elements or life forces of the universe. Often these jewels might even be used to create magic, to reach into the inner connection we have with the world and harness its energy to create something. A feeling, a light, a darkness, it can be anything!

Symbolism and Metaphysics in Elven Jewelry

So when touching on the metaphysical properties of each gemstone, metal, animal, or earth element we can utilize our connection to create something more! As in old Elven mythology, these pieces that we wear are symbolic and powerful. So it is important to carry with you, or wear something that you share a deeper connection with. Something you feel you can touch into and really feel the unknown to harness for something positive.

Elven Moonstone Jewelry

Moon elves will be drawn to our Moonstone jewelry, as it was known to be formed by moonbeams of light from the moon itself! In old Roman mythology, it is believed that the moon goddess herself can be seen with the stones. So you can even carry a little bit of the goddess with you, and call upon her when your in need! Silver has long been known to dispel evil, from protection from the evil eye but also from demons and evil spirits in some Eastern folklore. Labradorite was believed to have fallen from the Northern Lights, thus symbolizing our connection to the great night skies and light that we find within the darkness. Sky elves will find the connection with this stone particularly intriguing, as we can use this to harness the energy of the skies.

Elf Ear Jewelry and Ear Cuffs

Most elves might also want a pair of wings, one of our most most popular items. Not only do they represent the freedoms we have to soar the skies, but also to our deeper souls. The Angel's within us have these wings to fly into the unknown. Our ability to join with the other spirits across the universe is one of our most sacred powers. It is represented in the variety of feather and wing jewelry we have in our shop.
Thus we are inspired by the elves to create fashionable 'earth inspired' wears such as our Feather Ear Cuff, Feather Arm Cuff, ear cuffs, lily bracelets, moonstone jewelry, labradorite Jewelry and more. Reaching into mythological figures such as the elves gives us the opportunity to reach into ourselves, and find the elements that we connect to the most. So whether you are a moon elf, leaf warrior, sun gazer, or one of the sky elves we have something in our collection perfect for you! Whether looking for cosplay at your local comiccon, or to really delve into your inner elf, we are as inspired as you by Elven mythology!