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All About Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Jewelry!

What is a Moonstone?

A moonstone is a natural crystal from the Earth and is often set into jewelry to be worn. There are thin layers that make up this crystal, and when the light passes through these layers, the light scatters and reflect many different colors. The colors of moonstone are almost translucent and include an array of blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, white and grey. When these colors are produced from the light, it is called adularescence. The name moonstone represents the sheen glow of the moon when the sun is reflecting on it. Moonstone jewelry has been around for quite some time but became popular in the early 1900s. Moonstone jewelry is very common in our generation, and is even considered a birthstone for the month of June. The iridescent glow from moonstone jewelry is easy to take your breath away with movement and the presence of light.
Moonstone jewelry is usually set with a moonstone cabochon. A cabochon is the process of being shaped and polished. Usually, the form of a moonstone cabochon is round on one side, and flat on the other. The flat side makes the stone easy to set into jewelry, and the round top helps showcase the crystal.

Spirituality of Moonstone

Moonstone has many spiritual properties and is often associated with new beginnings. Named after the moon, this stone can help to remind us of the phases we go through in our lives. Wearing moonstone jewelry reminds us of a cycle, with beginning and endings. Helping with stress and emotional stability, moonstone jewelry can be worn for those who wish to be more in touch with their intuition. Moonstone jewelry is often worn to bring a sense of calmness while strengthening your psychic perception. When you wish to see yourself more clearly, let moonstone jewelry help you to bring things into focus and bring you balance. Moonstone jewelry is said to cleanse negativity from your chakras and increase awareness. Moonstone jewelry is said to aid travelers. When wearing moonstone jewelry, the crystal helps protect you as well as boost your confidence in yourself. The moonstone helps us to trust in the divine and the greater good, and to trust in ourselves.

Culture-Cross Moonstone Jewelry

We have traveled all across South East Asia and have found artisans in India to make us a variety of moonstone jewelry. In India, moonstones and moonstone jewelry are often perceived to be holy and magical. Moonstone jewelry is known throughout Arab countries as a sign of fertility and is often worn on women in their culture. In our moonstone jewelry selection we offer: moonstone rings, moonstone earrings, moonstone bangles, moonstone pendants. Our moonstone jewelry collection has become some of our best selling products, and is our best selling gemstone. We offer moonstone jewelry for everyone, whether you are looking for a more delicate setting or more strong, bold style. Our moonstone jewelry is set in either 9.25 sterling silver, nickel-free brass, or nickel-free brass that has been triple dipped in silver.