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All About Labrodorite Jewelry!

All About Labrodorite Jewelry!

What is Labrodorite? 

Labrodorite or the "stone of lights" is a stunning feldspar mineral of the plagioclase series, found in mafic igneous and metamorphic rocks such as norite, basalt, and gabbro. Labrodorite is well known for it's play on many colors, like that of a rainbow. The visually compelling and the most appealing color display featured within Labrodorite is known as "labradorescence". It is an absolutely beautiful sight to behold! This is caused by internal fractures inside of the mineral that reflects the light back and forth, distributing different arrays of colors. Labradorescent colors can include blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and red too.
This crystal was named after being discovered in Labrodor, Canada by Moravian missionaries in 1770. Labrodorite is found all over the world including other areas in Canada, Mexico, United States, Norway, and South America. Many think Labrodorite is one of the most beautiful stones to ever be found on Earth. During World War II, Spectrolite (a different variety of Labrodorite) was discovered by accident in Finland while a defense line was being built. This shows us that beauty can still arise even in the midst of chaos. This takes part in why this stone carries so much spiritual significance. Imagine the hope that this beautiful crystal may have brought to many experiencing such difficult, challenging times.

Spirituality and Healing with Labrodorite

Labrodorite is the ultimate transformation stone. It is said that this beautiful stone can help in protecting and balancing the aura and encourages the raising of your consciousness. If you are interested in strengthening your imagination and creativity, Labrodorite might be just the crystal that you need! Tapping deeply into your intuitive side, it is believed that Labrodorite can bring forth events and amazing coincidences in your life. This shows us that the universe can really work with us, not against us. Labrodorite can assist us to channel the strength and perserverence that we need to succeed.
This amazing crystal is loved by many spiritualists. If you find yourself on a path of spirituality, you may consider incorporating some Labrodorite into your life. This gem is popular for those seeking positive vibrations and to help calm overactive minds. The use of Labrodorite can enhance one's physic and intuitive abilities, stimulating the imagination, and piercing the veil into realms of higher consciousness. This stone is connected to the Third Eye Chakra and can be used to open the Third Eye if it has become blocked. This includes transforming negative feelings towards ideas into more positive feelings, as well as ridding yourself of bad nightmares. Labrodorite is a wonderful stone to bring along with you during your travels or trips, as it aids in the seeking of knowledge and spiritual guidance. It a wonderful protection stone.
You may turn to Labrodorite in times when you're feeling stuck or stagnant in your life. Sometimes we may lose connection to our inner selves, bringing on negative feelings on confusion and uncertainty about what's to come or what choice to make next. Labrodorite can bring us into alignment with our highest, truest selves. It is believed Labrodorite can help dispel insecurities, anxiety, and feelings of fear, while encouraging self-confidence as well as mental clarity. Help ignite the strength and power that you carry inside of you when bringing this special crystal into your life and witness the magic that unfolds!
For those who work in careers to do with Healing Arts, Labrodorite is very strong and protective stone and is considered a MUST for many healers. It is often used to balance your aura and banish the weight of many negative energies that you may be picking up along the way and in your work.
There is an old ancient legend about Labrodorite that I find very intriguing. The legend states a story of an Inuit Eskimo Warrior who struck a rock with his spear - releasing the beautiful lights that we know as the Aurora Borealis. The myth explains that the lights were once trapped inside of rocks along the coast of Labrador, Canada. The warrior helped release these stunning lights back into the sky, while leaving some of these energies that still remain inside these rocks. When the lights exploded into the sky, it created what we know today as the Northern Lights. Labrodorite was known to the native people as "fire rock" or "firestone". 

 Labrodorite Jewelry

There are many ways to incorporate Labrodorite into your life. It is the "Stone of Magic" in so many ways, and can help us connect to a deeper understanding of the many mystical layers and aspects of life. We offer a wonderful variety of Labrodorite in our web store. Whether you want a labradorite ring to wear daily, or a Labrodorite pendant around your neck, we have something for everyone. Many of our Labrodorite bracelets and Labrodorite armcuffs are embellished with gorgeous Labrodorite gemstones, all featuring an array of different colors and variations, especially when the light shines on it just right. These unique pieces of Labrodorite jewelry really embody that magic that is believed to be found within these stones. A customer favorite is our simple Labrodorite Silver Sun Necklace. We also have spiral Labrodorite earrings that showcase this beautiful gemstone. Treat yourself today and you can begin to unleash the incredible magic that this well loved crystal beholds inside.

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