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Adjustable Rings!

Adjustable Rings!

An adjustable ring is purposefully formed with a small gap to allow you to expand or retract to resize. We have a variety of different styles of adjustable rings. Adjustable rings make for great gifts when you are not sure of a ring size for the person receiving the ring! Adjustable rings also allow you to change the finger in which you wear the ring on! Sometimes my fingers get so crowded with rings, that having an option to wear a ring on another finger is a huge plus! You can also use the adjustable ring as a "middy", worn on the middle of your finger instead of the base.
We work with artisans who help us to provide you with a variety of styles in our adjustable ring selection. Our best seller for adjustable rings are the adjustable feather rings! We offer adjustable feather rings in a thicker band style, as well as a more thin delicate style. Some of our adjustable rings come with an array of gemstones and are very popular. 

Meanings of Adjustable Feather Rings

For many years, with many different tribes, the feather has been known to carry a lot of significance. The feather from a bird is associated with freedom, ascension, strength, growth and travel. The essence of travel in reference to a feather could be physical, or on a spiritual plane. Feathers help us to connecting with spirits, guardian angels, or the heavens. In the bible, feathers are known as one of the most common symbols. In Egyptian mythology, the goddes Ma'at ruled truth and order, and is always shown with a feather. There is an old depiction named "judgement day" in which the heart is judged on its sins to decide if he or she will ascend on into the afterlife. It was believed that if the heart weighs less than the feather, you could move on into the afterlife. Adjustable feather rings wrap around your finger as a symbol and reminder to move freely through this life. In many different religious practices, feathers are said to be a connection with the divine. Feathers are used in a variety of practices, ceremonies, ornaments and especially jewelry! Culture Cross brings you various feathery options to chose from. Our best sellers are the adjustable feather rings. 

Culture Cross Adjustable Hmong Feather Ring 

Here at culture cross, we work with the Hmong tribe, also known as the "Miao". These people are very widespread today and are pretty nomadic. The Hmong's are known across the globe for their silversmith techniques. The people of this indigenous tribe hand hammer the detail into their jewelry. One of my personal favorite adjustable feather rings are from this tribe. Our customers really love attention to detail in these feather rings, and are even more pleased when we let them know they adjust! These adjustable feather rings are a silver over brass material, and they carry this very antique style look. We have a variety of pendants, bangles, rings and necklaces available from the Hmong tribe and our many trips overseas! The Hmong adjustable feather ring is often paired with the matching adjustable feather bangle, and makes for a wonderfully unique set.