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Historical background of snake symbolism

Snakes slither into our lives to teach us all some valuable lessons if we are willing to learn. Through many cultures across the globe, snakes are known to hold great symbolism. These creatures are often featured in the medicine world, ancient world, on flags, and in snake jewelry of course! 
Not only is the snake pictured in so many ancient teachings, but is very alive in our world today, too! For example, in American medicine practices such as doctors offices and hospitals, they are often decorated with a symbol called the caduceus. The caduceus is pictured as a staff with wings that two serpents are wrapped around. In Greek mythology, the God Hermes was known to be the messenger between worlds of God's and humans, represented by the wings. The staff showed that he was a guide of the underworld. In the past, doctors often traveled great distances to treat others. A story tells that Hermes used the staff to separate two fighting serpents who then coiled up his staff to remain there ensuring balance and harmony. There is a similar story and symbol called the Rod of Asclepius. The Greek God Asclepius was associated with healing and medicine. This rod is pictured with a snake coiled around it. It was said in medicinal practices, a specific kind of worm was used to help treat infection in the ancient days. An incision was made directly in the path of the worm, where it would crawl underneath the skin. When the worm crawled out of the cut, it was coiled around a stick until the entirety of the worm was released from the skin. Eek!! As cringe worthy as that sounds, it is pretty amazing how these old teachings have transformed, like the snake, into our new age symbolism!


In Greece, the God Asclepius was God of medicine and was always shown with his staff that had two entertained snakes. Egyptians worshiped the snake as a symbol associated with the divine. After the flood of the Nile River, the snake was the first animal to reappear. In India, serpents are known through deities named "Naga". In many drawings, the Naga is showed with a head of a human adorned with a headdress of cobras, and the tails of snake. The snake was said to be the ruler of the underworld, connecting and protecting the teachings of Mother Earth. 


Snakes shed their skin as they grow, which can help to remind us when to shed our own skin: to let go and transform. The shedding of a snake represents a time of change, growth, and rebirth. Serpents slide on their bellies, roaming closest to the Earth. Snakes show us to connect more with Earth to find grounding and foundation. Connect more with universe, yourself, and your desires. As a cold blooded animal, serpents teach us to remain cool and calm. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, drama and chaos can affect our mental state. Snake teaches us to relax, and transform our energy. The snake does not have great sight, and has no ears. These creatures help teach us to rely on our other senses in our surroundings.

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