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About Lion Jewelry and Home Decor

About Lion Jewelry

Symbolism of Lion Jewelry

Across the world, the lion (also known to be king of the jungle), has been depicted in culture throughout history. Dating back to the ancient world, the rich meanings of the lion lives on today in many different countries. Lions symbolize a variety of things including strength and power. These creatures are well known for their hunting strategies and survival skills. There is a lot we can learn from these big cats!
Lions can teach us when to put our foot down and reclaim our own personal strengths. If you find yourself in a group setting, lion may ask you to be the leader and to stand up for yourself and others. The lion can help us to gain character and a sense of community. These felines show us how supporting everyone in our circle helps us to reach our desires. Lions are taught, and teach, a great deal of survival skills to their offsprings. In fact, the female lion can switch from fierce to motherly in an instant. When the lion is hunting, it focuses in on its prey and is stealthy and quiet. When we are trying to obtain our goals, we must rememeber that less noise and distractions can help us focus and keep our eye on the prize. Be bold like the lion. Be resilient in your goals in your life. Be proud and protect yourself, and those you keep close to you.

History of Lion Symbolism

The oldest record of a lion comes from ancient Egypt. The deity Sekmeht is a goddess with the body of a woman and the head of a lion. She was a great protector of the Pharaohs. The pharaohs were later on depicted as sphinxes. Shpinx were built to protect and guard the tombs, temples and other important areas. The sphinx is a creature with a head of a human and the body of a lion. In China, the Buddhist population respects the lion as great magnificence and protects it's believers from ghosts and demon spirits. Many entrance ways in China are encompassed with a lion on each side. Similar to China, in Europe, you will find many buildings and different architecture with lion carvings, statues and archways. These animals are known to protect a space as guardians. Standing tall and proud in a regal manor, a symbol of a lion has been taken on by many kings, nobleman and warriors in history. These creatures were seen as the ruler of the animal kingdom, therefore lions were featured all around Rome to send the message of strength, courage and power.

Lion Jewelry and Lion Home Decor

We offer a variety of different lion accessories and hardware. Like the lion, we are very proud to bring these treasures to our shop to share with you! We work with artisans in India who make our beautiful lion jewelry. We offer lion rings, lion bangles, and lion pendants so that you or a loved one can also feel proud when wearing any of these items! We offer nickel-free brass lion jewelry, as well as silver over brass. My partner and I enjoy traveling through South East Asia. My favorite collection aside from our jewelry is our solid brass hardware. A variety of wall mounts, door pulls, drawer pulls, door knockers, and hangers come from our travels in Kathmandu, Nepal. Get one of our fierce lion door knockers to act as a guardian for a friend or for your own home.

Lion Bracelet for Men 

Our most popular jewelry item is our Lion Bracelet, which is very popular with men but also for women. Click here to check it out!