Miao Hmong Tribal Silver Wire Choker
Miao Hmong Tribal Silver Wire Choker

Miao Hmong Tribal Silver Wire Choker

INCREDIBLE example of high quality silver craftsmanship and artistic skill in this original Miao Hmong choker necklace.
6 delicately bundled heavy gauge silver wire wrapped into a concentric floral pattern. The wire is not sterling silver, it is actually 40% silver 60% brass, traditional to the tribal people and area from which it came. Circa 1950's. Covered with a rich dark patina. Most people like the patina as it shows its age and silver content. But it may also be easily cleaned to bring back its original shine.
Silver/copper is quite soft. This choker necklace is well-made to be able to bend and adjust to any size.
We collected this piece and others of our collection while living with the Miao Hmong in Southern China and Northern Laos. The delicately wrapped wire is symbolic of a Hmong idea borrowed from Buddhism, that all things in nature are interwoven and interconnected. The tribal Hmong Miao people who traditionally wear this necklace believe that balance and inner peace may be achieved by understanding this simple truth about the universe and our place in it. Another belief of the Miao (a subgroub of the Hmong) is that silver has the ability to keep away evil spirits and prevent misfortune. They make and wear a lot of silver jewelry to keep themselves and their communities happy, healthy and prosperous.
A wonderful museum quality piece of traditional Southeast Asian art and culture.
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