Culture Cross Silver Eagle Wing Feather Ear Cuff

Culture Cross Silver Eagle Wing Feather Ear Cuff


✔ This Silver Eagle Feather Ear Cuff is Awesome! Handmade and High-Quality Handcrafted with high-quality hypoallergenic jewelry brass and three layers of silver plating. Handmade by skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India using traditional jewelry making techniques.

✔ Easy to Wear! This Ear Cuff is so easy to wear! It sits right on top of your ear and then wraps around the back. The metal wire part can be adjusted to fit even more securely on your ear.

✔ UNIQUE STYLE! This handmade silver eagle feather ear cuff is unforgettable! Impossible to miss in a crowd while at the same time being stylish and eclectic, this is a jewelry piece for anyone who has a style that is original, playful, interesting and fun. Great for the yoga or meditation enthusiast, the music festival fan, the stylish bohemian or anyone who appreciates unique and interesting jewelry.

 About Culture-Cross ★We travel the world to meet artisans who keep their cultural traditions alive through their work. This gives us an opportunity to find unique handmade products but also to directly support the communities we work with around the world and help preserve their traditional arts.

Improving the lives of Cambodian children ★In January 2017 we traveled to Cambodia to visit PharePonleu Selpak, a non-profit Cambodian association improving the lives of children and their families with educational and social support programs. In a country where few opportunities exist, Phare creates opportunities for Cambodians to earn a living. We are now contributing 5% of all sales to go directly towards rebuilding damaged academic buildings at the Phare school.