What is Culture Cross:

Since 2011, Culture-Cross has worked directly with traditional artisan communities around the world, representing their artistic heritage at festivals and events across the United States, Canada and Costa Rica. 

Our journeys began when we were living as teachers in Taiwan. During our time in Asia, we visited the Hmong Villages of Southeast Asia, where we found their ancient silversmith techniques were still thriving. We returned with their hammered jewelry, sculptures and intricate embroidered fabrics and took them to events across the USA. 

Since then, we have been traveling across Asia and Latin Americas in search of Artisans that express their ancient cultures through their vibrant artistic heritage. From the hills of the Himalayas to the Rajasthani desert, to the highlands of the Quiche Maya in Guatemala we search for textiles, gemstones, crafts, and antiques. 

 We have developed deep relationships with these artisans over the years, and work with them on our own concepts and designs as well as their traditional styles. These communities have become like family to us. We are proud to represent their crafts, and in doing so help to support these communities and preserve their culture and heritage.
Meeting with Tibetan artists in Nepal
Traveling through Nepal

Event Experience and Reputation

Culture-Cross averages around 80-100 events in a typical year. Our experience, knowledge and reputation brings us back year after year to some of the biggest and most established events in the USA such as Bonnaroo, EDC, Firefly Festival, Okeechobee, Electric Forest, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Shambala (Canada), Hulaween, Reggae Riseup, Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals and dozens of other festivals both small and large.

The diversity of products and entrancing booth display allows the company to be successful at a wide diversity of events, including Pride Festivals, ComiCon’s, metaphysical fairs, all genres of music festivals, gem shows and street fairs.

For Culture-Cross, attending a festival means building a relationship with the event and it’s patrons for years to come. We look forward to building a relationship with you!


The products that we offer are as diverse as the events that we attend and the customers that we serve.

Our focus is on handcrafted jewelry and unique home décor artifacts. Culture-Cross jewelry includes our own designs as well as traditional styles from the artisans that we work with. The materials used includes brass, sterling silver, stainless steel and often features genuine gemstones such as moonstone, labradorite and turquoise. The styles include unique ear cuffs, earrings, bracelets and arm cuffs. We also collect hand painted wooden boxes and masks from Nepal, brass and crystal statues from India, and other interesting artifacts to decorate the home.

Culture-Cross also offers textiles and clothing, including antique embroidery fabrics from the hill tribe peoples of Thailand, and a diverse selection of clothing.
We pride ourselves in offering unique, quality products that are not commonly found in other shops.


Our vibrant, wild, eye-catching booth display makes us more of a treasure hunt than a typical vendor shop! 

Events work hard to create an atmosphere for the patrons, and so do we!. Culture-Cross prides itself in creating a stunning display that enriches the atmosphere of the events that we attend. 

Bamboo walls, towering antique chests, plants, museum quality wall pieces and intricate statues, we create an atmosphere that highlights the themes of the events that we attend and keeps patrons coming back year after year.
Children at schools rebuilt by Culture-Cross after the Nepal earthquake


In addition to working directly with artisan communities, outreach and aid has been one of the key objectives since Culture Cross' inception. 

Following the catastrophic Earthquake in Nepal in 2015, we communicated directly with our artisan community and mobilized a desperately needed emergency aid package. This relief package was raised entirely from our sales at festivals and events. 

In 2017, Culture-Cross worked directly with the Phare School in Cambodia to help rebuild the music school. The music pavilion, named after Culture-Cross, offers Cambodian students a place to practice traditional and modern Cambodian music.
Rebuilding the music building at the Phare school in Cambodia. 
Finished in 2018, the music Culture-Cross music pavilion offers Cambodian students a place to practice music.