Lucky Tibetan Elephant Carving from Nepal

Lucky Tibetan Elephant Carving from Nepal

This lucky elephant carving was collected by us during our trip to the Tibetan communities in the Himalayas of Nepal last year. Made with high-quality tree resin and carefully adorned with auspicious Tibetan Buddhist mantras and symbols. On the elephant's back is a Buddhist Stupa with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" written around it in Tibetan script.

You might be thinking, "they don't have elephants in Tibet!" well, you are right. This was made by the Tibetan communities that live along the ancient trade routes between Tibet and India. They are ethnically and culturally Tibetan but live in an area of diverse climate regions and cultures. This piece represents this interesting mix of culture and tradition that has resulted from this ancient trade route.

Size: Approximately 4 inches long.

This is a wonderful figurine to keep with you while traveling or to keep in a special place.

For now, this little guy is sitting with me at my desk to keep me company while I write these listings

Absolutely spectacular.
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