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What Jewelry to Wear at a Music Festival

Jul 10, 2013

Music festival jewelry

Preparation is key to a good music festival experience. At any music festival you’ll see them, the hungover kid with no water, the cold wet guy with no tent, the shivering girl who forgot her sweatshirt. You need to prepare yourself to be out having fun all day all weekend in all conditions, and having the right jewelry is no exception. So if you are planning to wear jewelry at the next festi, then remember these tips!

1. Nothing big and heavy
You’re going to be wearing this jewelry all day. You don’t want to have to go back to your camp sight because your jewelry is uncomfortable and you don’t want to take it off, because you’ll probably loose it! So pick something light and simple.

Bohemian silver wrapped coil bangle

This bracelet is adjusts to fit snug on your wrist so you don’t loose it dancing! Buy here: Swirl Bangle

2. Nothing on a long cord or chain.
Ever seen someone dancing wildly with a pendant on a long chain? Stay far from these people or you’ll have a wrapped crystal in your face. Be careful with anything that will fly around dangerously into yourself or the people around you.

tribal inspired silver choker necklace with floral design

This simple choker won’t get in the way. Buy here: Simple Choker

3. Coat your copper
Dancing all day in the hot sun will make you sweat. And sweat on copper will turn your skin green. Coating your copper jewelry (or silver plated jewelry) with nail polish will give the jewelry a protective layer between the copper and your sweaty skin. So remember, Either stay away from copper jewelry, coat your copper, or turn green!

4. Nothing too expensive.
You might loose it. 7 beers and three shows later, who knows when anyone last saw that earring. The last thing you want at a festival is any worries. Pick something that you can loose without worrying about it. Stay away from wearing any jewelry that is expensive or (meaningful to a person) at a music festival. If you do wear something expensive or really nice then remember stoppers on earrings and double check the clasp on that necklace.

5. Let your freak flag fly!
The best part of a music festival is the freedom to express yourself any way you want… Run with it. Wear something crazy: a funky necklace, crazy tribal bracelet, wild gemstones… Step outside of your normal realm and into a space where you can be whoever you want. Step outside of your boundary and experiment with a style that is totally your own. Let your freak flag fly!

triple pendant choker necklace

Find something exotic and different! Buy here: Triple Tribal Choker

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