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Exotic Jewelry

May 8, 2013

Himalayan turquoise pendant artifact

Explore exotic jewelry from around the world

Discover exotic jewelry: necklaces, braclets earrings and pendants from another world. Cultures separated by time and place lead to the creations of jewelry that is completely different from the jewelry of our own culture. Discover exotic jewelry, ethnic jewelry and tribal jewelry from another world.

Chunky beaded himalayan necklace on display
Exotic jewelry cannot be thought up by designers in a fashion jewelry. Jewelry that is truly exotic is handmade by artists from colorful artistry expressive cultures around the world. Cultures like the Hmong culture of Laos and the Tibetan culture of the high Himalayas have developed their own jewelry styles over tens of thousands of years.

close up of Aztec eagle turquoise choker necklace

Exotic Aztec Eagle Necklace

Great exotic jewelry has a story with it. Cultural significance and symbolic meaning behind an exotic necklace is not just as important as an exotic look, it creates the look.
When I first started selling jewelry I noticed how people were most interested in the more unusual pieces I had even if it were just for the conversation. It wasn’t just the look of the piece, although that was what sparked the interest, it was the stories that the piece had. Each story led to another and a great conversation was had.
Fashion is about social interaction. Some express a fashion chosen by celebrities and pop icons and others choose a fashion that leads to captivating conversation with interesting people. If the latter is the fashion of yours, then exotic jewelry is for you.


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