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Dragon Jewelry

Jul 16, 2013

Turquoise Dragon Pendant

Traditional Southeast Asian Dragon Jewelry

Folk jewelry pieces with traditional dragon designs


What is the significance of dragon jewelry?

The dragon is an important symbol throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia. Dragons symbolize power, strength and protection and is the most important mythical creature in Asia, and the only mythical creature in the Chinese Zodiac. The year of the dragon is the most auspicious year. Couples wait for the year of the dragon to get married to have a blessed wedding. People born on the year of the zodiac are believed to have greater luck in life. Some of the greatest folk heros in Chinese history are believed to be born on the year of the dragon. To have an image of a dragon in your home is good luck for protecting your home.

To wear a dragon is to give yourself good luck and protection. Many jewelry styles incorporate dragons, and these dragon jewelry pieces are worn for special occasions. Dragon jewelry is traditionally worn in East and Southeast Asia during long trips, job interviews, or any other event that could use extra luck. But dragon jewelry is especially when one may believe that his or her life may be in danger. During tumultuous events or times of impending disaster one may choose it is wise to wear a dragon.

The origins of the dragon mythology are mysterious. It is interesting to note that while the ancient Chinese were incorporating dragons into their folk art, Europeans were doing the same. It is perhaps most likely that both societies encountered dinosaur fossils or footprints and came to the same conclusion of ancient mythical serpents of undoubtable strength and power. Wherever these myths came from, they have had an important impact on the folk culture of Asia and Europe both.

So bring some good luck to your life! Find a really cool dragon jewelry piece in our collection. Learn more about traditional folk jewelry on our blog, and explore more folk jewelry art from Southeast Asia. Any questions about dragon mythology and dragons in Southeast Asian folk jewelry art? Contact us any time, we’d love to hear from you!




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